Guest Speakers

The Millennium Science Forum is held annually at the British Embassy in Tokyo with distinguished Japanese and British speakers from the scientific community.

1st (1999) Shunichi Kobayashi, President, RIKEN
Sir Peter Williams, Chairman, PARC
2nd (1999) Akito Arima, Member of the House of Councilors
Sir Martin Wood, Oxford Instruments plc
3rd (2000) Leona Ezaki, President, Shibaura Institute of Technology
4th (2001) Mamoru Mori, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Prof. Lord Robert May, Oxford University
5th (2002) Jyunjiro Kanemori, International Institute for Advanced Studies
Prof. Sir Harold Kroto
6th (2003) Prof. Sumio Iijima, Meijo University
Prof. Robin Nicholas, Oxford University
7th (2004) Akira Tonomura, Fellow, Hitachi Ltd.
Prof. Lord Robert May, Oxford University
8th (2005) Shoji Tanaka, Director General,
ISTEC Superconductivity Research Laboratory
Prof. Laurence Eaves, Nottingham University
9th (2006) Prof. Maki Kawai, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Martyn Chamberlain, Durham University
10th (2007) Prof. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Prof. Maurice Skolnick, The University of Sheffield
11th (2008) Prof. Michael Brady, Oxford University
12th (2009) Sukekatsu Ushioda, President, NIMS
Prof. Stephen Holloway, Liverpool University
13th (2010) Prof. Hideo Hosono, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Prof. Tomas Jungwirth, Nottingham University
14th (2011) Prof. Tsuneya Ando, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Prof. Tony Cheetham, University of Cambridge
15th (2012) Koichi Kitazawa, Advisor, JST
Prof. Robin Nicholas, University of Oxford
16th (2013) Prof. Seigo Tarucha, The University of Tokyo
Sir Peter Williams, Chairman, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
17th (2014) Prof. Akira Fujishima, President, Tokyo University of Science
Dr. Julie Maxton, Executive Director, Royal Society
18th (2015) Prof. Masaki Takata, Tohoku University
Prof. Kevin O’Grady, University of York
19th (2016) Prof. Kohzo Ito, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Chris Done, Durham University