About the Sir Martin Wood Prize

  About the Sir Martin Wood Prize  
    Professor Hidetoshi Fukuyama
    Tokyo University of Science & Chair of
the Sir Martin Wood Prize Selection Committee

The Sir Martin Wood Prize, named after the founder of Oxford Instruments, was established in 1998 with the objective of giving recognition and encouragement to young scientists in Japan. The Prize is sponsored by the British company Oxford Instruments plc.


The Sir Martin Wood Prize is awarded annually to a scientist, younger than 40, who has achieved remarkable results in condensed matter science at a university or research institute in Japan. Condensed matter science includes condensed matter physics, inorganic-organic chemistry, material science and surface-interface physics.

  The Sir Martin Wood Prize Selection Committee comprise of 10 senior professors who select the winner from candidates who have been nominated for the prize.
  The Prize comprises of a commemorative certificate and trophy, a cash prize of Yen 500,000 and the unique opportunity to give invited lectures at British Universities. The “Sir Martin Wood Prize lectures” have acquired a good reputation in British Universities and contribute to the science and technology exchange between Japan and the UK.