Q. Is there an age limit?
A. Yes. Candidates should be under 45 years old as of 1st April in the year of application.

Q. Can I nominate a foreign researcher?
A. Yes. Nationality does not matter. However their research must have been achieved at a Japanese university or research institute.

Q. Are achievements at overseas research institutes eligible for the award?
A. No. This award is limited to the achievements made at research institutes in Japan.

Q. Do I need to submit a certificate regarding the period of no research activity?
A. Not required to be sent with the nomination form, the secretariat will contact you if the selection committee deems it necessary.

Q. Is it possible to recommend a group instead of an individual?
A. No.

Q. What does it mean that each nominator may only recommend one applicant?
A. It means that an individual nominator cannot recommend multiple candidates in the same year.

Q. Can we recommend multiple candidates from the same institution?
A. Yes. This is possible provided the nominators are different people.

Q. Is it possible to make a recommendation from a professor or associate professor instead of the head of the institution to which the candidate belongs?
A. Yes. The title of the nominator does not matter.

Q. Can I re-recommend a candidate that I have recommended in the past?
A. Yes. However, please submit a new recommendation and papers.

Q. Is it necessary to list two referees who are familiar with the achievements of the candidate other than the recommender?
A. Yes, this is required.

Q. Do candidates need to request nominations from experts in the field of study?
A. No. We also accept self-nominations.

Q. Is it better to convert the three papers into PDF separately?
A. Yes. Please prepare a separate PDF file for each paper.

Q. Do I need to mail the original nomination form?
A. Not required.

Q. Does the position of the recommender affect the candidate's evaluation?
A. No. The position of the recommender has no effect on the candidate's evaluation. This award is evaluated only by the achievements of the candidates.

Q. How will the selection results be notified?
A. We will notify the recommender (or the candidate in the case of self-recommendation) by mail by the end of September. We cannot respond to individual inquiries.